Helping Congo's Mission Hospitals Provide Better Care to Those They Serve 

   Project:  new surgical


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  project:  help Fund the monthly

  operations of tudisha bana bimpe

​  nutrition center 

  • Tudisha Bana Bimpe means "Let's feed the children well. " 
  •  The center, when operating, serves 15 children three health meals per day.
  • ​The cost to feed a child for one day is $2.00.
  • Total monthly operating cost for Tudisha Bana Bimpe to provide healthy meals for 15 children is $974.00.
  • Help Mattresses for Congo provide funding for the ongoing operation of Tudisha Bana Bimpe; please make either a recurring monthly donation or a one time donation. 

   project:  Alternative Fuel



    Most of Congo's mission hospitals have no electricity to power medical equipment.  Some have diesel powered generators, but because of the cost and limited availability of fuel, they are used sparingly.  During our trip to Congo in 2013, a missionary surgeon spoke of the need for appropriate sterilization equipment.   Often surgical instruments are sterilized in pressure cookers over wood fires, which is an acceptable method.  But this method has its limitations, as larger instruments, surgical gowns and drapes, will not fit in the smaller pressure cookers.  The photo on the right shows a medical sterilization system manufactured by InStove.

    Mattresses for Congo is hoping to collaborate with other groups who are designing alternative fuel autoclaves to come up with a solution to this challenge.